Model making, a one of a kind technical event of Vortex that enhances the participants’ brio to innovate and construct a concise model with an aim to reform current standards set by the pre-existing technologies related to the problem statements.

Model making connects the gap between the technical knowledge acquired in various disciplines of engineering & science and the practical application of that knowledge in making models that aim at simplifying the lives of people all around.

Being one of the flagship events of the PRODIGY series, Model Making will tickle your brain cells and bring about “All-Reforming” ideas to tackle the day-to-day life challenges incorporated in the problem statements, which will then be demonstrated by means of working models during the Fest.

Participation is expected and encouraged right from junior college to postgraduate courses.

Come and establish your finesse. Bring us the creator hidden within you.


After the release of the Problem Statement, the participants have to send in a report to before the deadline mentioned in the problem statement.

Selected entries will qualify for Round Two. The model will be presented to the esteemed faculty of ICT, Mumbai in front of an enthusiastic audience. The following judging criteria will be considered:

  • Efficiency
  • Frugality
  • Novelty
  • Sustainability
  • Result vs. Requirement ratio
  • Propitiousness
  • Innovation*

The results declaration and award distribution will occur on the last day of the Fest.


  • Receiving the abstracts from the participants.
  • Abstracts will be accepted only with registration receipt.
  • Mails regarding selection will be sent to the selected participants.


  • This final round will be held in the CE lab.
  • Slots will be allotted to the participants. Judges will check the working of the model.
  • Marks by the judges will be compiled by the event heads and the winners will be informed to the prodigy event head


  1. Participating teams can have up to 3 members.
  2. Participating teams can be inter-institutional and inter-disciplinary.
  3. Any violation of deadline or failure to adhere with safety precautions mentioned in problem statement will call for disqualification of the team.
  4. Decision of the event heads and the judges will be final and abiding in case of any difficulties during the event.


  • Aishwarya Mohite- 7058746225
  • Valarmathi M- 9790945309

For any other queries or information, mail to:-