For Chemical Technologists, it is the knack of creating something new, analyzing and contemplating the reasons for a particular outcome and achieving consistent results which makes research intriguing.

Engineering and technology are two sides of one coin, engineering dealing with theoretical basis and technology dealing with applications. As students are going to work in the industry, it is good to give them some taste of how much basic knowledge is needed to work in the industry as a process technician. This event will test the theoretical knowledge and practical skills equally.


All branches have been divided into the following three categories-

Category 1 – Biotech, Foods, Pharma, Oils
Category 2 – Textiles, Dyes
Category 3 – Polymers & Coatings

Round 1 will be common for all branches.

Students will be sorted into respective categories in round 2 and round 3.


Round 1

Paper pen round. This round includes multiple choice questions and crossword puzzles pertaining to their individual branches. This round, designed on the basics of the respective B.Tech branches, aims at testing the paramount pre-requisites of practical dexterity, time management & teamwork.

Round 2

This round has been designed to examine the scientific insights of participants. It can be related to programmes like Backyard Science. It will be an audio-visual Round. Participants will be tested individually. Video clippings based on widely used instruments/concepts in the lab or in industries pertaining to branch categories will be played. Question papers would then be distributed wherein students would be asked to write solutions to the problems played or give the basic principle of concepts displayed in the video.

Each category will have a different recording.

Round 3

This will be a subjective pen-and-paper round. Students can expect problems ranging from those confronted in the industry to data analysis.
Finalists will be judged based on their ability to help devise and troubleshoot syntheses and analytical procedures and manage databases. Ensure that packaging of hazardous materials complies with regulations – key skills essential for technologists to work in pilot plants & running experiments in a miniature version of a manufacturing process.


Open to all chemical technologist undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  1. Each team must contain 2 members meeting the above criteria.
  2. No participant can be a part of more than 1 team.
  3. False identity will lead to disqualification on the final day.
  4. Use of cell phones and other electronic gadgets is not permitted.


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  • Darshan Chheda- 9773066015

For any other queries or information, mail to:- vortex.ctoty@gmail.com