Have you ever prided yourself on being a strategic thinker? Here’s your chance to test your talent. ChemWars is an event that combines strategy with knowledge. It requires you to merge practical thinking and decision making with theoretical knowledge of chemistry. Attack others, defend yourself and use a variety of other power-ups to make sure you are the last team standing.



Elementary round consisting of 2 paragraph type and 2 linked paragraph questions. It will be based on the general understanding of organic physical and inorganic chemistry. Teams coming from pre-rounds will skip this round to get directly into the 2nd round.


It will be a fun interactive round. Questions will be asked to each team and they can choose to simply answer it or use a lifeline, or they may also spend few of the advantages before the question is put to them bought by them initially before the whole game begins.

Lifelines will include

  • Internet
  • Attack
  • Shield

And advantages will include (to be spent before question is asked)

  • Double up the points
  • Choose category and
  • many more.


Ever thought of a destructive application of chemistry?

This round will test your decision making skills and simulate an online battle field where you have to eliminate your enemy using Chemical warfare agents which have been used throughout the course of history.

But hang on… if your opponent has the correct antidote your plan could backfire.


1. Each team can have a maximum of three participants.

2. In the second round each team will be allowed a maximum of 6(number not yet decided) power-ups and so one must buy and use the powerups strategically.

3. Use of cell phones and other electronic gadgets is not permitted unless if a powerup involving them are chosen.

4. Teams will lose points if the answer is not given in the allotted time frame (time-keeper will be present)


  • Yash Barhate- 8879625092

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