If the thought of appearing on a full-fledged Chemistry quiz fills you with dread. If remembering all those high level scary inorganic colours and organic reaction mechanisms makes your blood run cold, then why not participate in this event where your wit and speed will be tested in conjugation with your theoretical knowledge? Nothing complicated, nothing mind-numbing- Chemifuge lets you use your vast knowledge of chemistry creatively while having a lot of fun. So this VORTEX, be prepared to lock horns with ChemProdigies in this Game of Chemwizardy.



The subjective paper which will have almost equal weightage for physical organic and inorganic chemistry.


Chemcrash is where your speed will be tested. A faceoff against your co-teams in this buzzer round; win it and be among the prodigal few finalists.


Chemultimatum is the real test of your talent and all the skills you possess. Your team will be split; with one of the member writing a theory paper and other performing a completely new experiment in the lab! Being the ultimate stage of the Chemifuge trilogy, we suggest arm yourself with all your cheminformation and wits.


2 participants per team only.

Number of rounds: 3

Open for everyone studying in FYJC, SYJC and all undergraduates


  • Yash Barhate- 8879625092

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