Chemcodes tests the coding skills of the participants combined with their technical knowledge. The participants solve chemical engineering problems by a logical approach using their programming knowledge. An event for all those advert and nerdy coders out there.

Code your way to glory!


Round I : General Aptitude Test

  • Candidates will have to solve general chemistry based questions, logical and
    analytical reasoning types. There would be 20 questions to be solved within stipulated

Round II : Technical Quiz

  • Candidates who qualified the General Aptitude Test will be able to appear for this
  • Candidates will be asked questions from Core Chemical Engineering topics as well as some basic questions related to Programming. The difficulty level would be medium. 20 questions to be solved within a given time.


  • Candidates who qualified the Technical Quiz will be able to appear for this round.
  • Questions from various topics will be provided and candidates will have to write a Computer Program in any of the ‘Mentioned Languages’ and have to complete the tasks that are listed out by the problem statements.



General Rules:

  • This is an solo event.
  • There is no restriction on the number of participants from the same college.
  • False identity will lead to disqualification on the final day.

Rules for File Submission:

  1. The programming language used can be anyone out of the following: Python, C, C++, Java, SciLab, MATLAB and GNU OCTAVE.
  2. Use of MS Excel is not allowed.
  3. The code should be neatly written with necessary comments and docstrings.
  4. Please ensure that you have attached all the necessary files that are required to run the code (functions, classes, images, gifs (if any) etc.)
  5. Attach a pdf of the code which will be used as a reference if there is any error found after the code is submitted (for a cross check).
  6. The information related to functions or classes should be clearly mentioned in the code.
  7. All the variables should be named appropriately and units should be mentioned in the code as well as in the output.
  8. Output should be a clear representation of the problem statement and should convey all the information that the problem statement asks for.
  9. Files should be appropriately named (they will be opened in the same working directory so if any url is being used, be careful)
  10. References (if any) should be provided appropriately in a separate pdf or a word doc.
  11. Make sure that any formula used is clearly mentioned (name of the correlation, model, equation etc.)

NOTE: The judging panel reserves the rights to disqualify the participant if any of the rules given above are breached. It is the responsibility of the participants to keep themselves updated. The organizers reserve the right to change the rules of the event and the same will be conveyed to you before the round starts.


  • Prehas Madke (Event Head) : +91 9890255381
  • Rida Sayed (Event Head) : +91 8108206208
  • Shyam Gandhi (OEH Prodigy) : +91 9923244781

For any other queries or information, mail to:- [email protected]