Quantity Sufficient


Quantity sufficient is a pharmaceutical dosage form designing event which tests the theoretical as well as the practical knowledge for formulating a dosage form concerning the drug being used. This event is designed to test the expertise of translating your conceptual understanding of Pharmaceutics, Dispensing pharmacy, GMP and GK of the subject into its practical application.


Category 1 – (First, Second & Third-year U.G.)
Category 2 – (Final year U.G. & P.G.)

Basic pen and paper round with Multiple Choice Questions regarding pharmaceutics,
GMP, current affairs in Pharmaceutical industry & dispensing pharmacy.
This will be an application-based round. A problem statement will be given to the
participants and they will have to come out with a solution only with the help of books. Access to the library will be provided.
This round will test the practical knowledge of the participants. It will be conducted in
the laboratory & viva will also be taken by the judges.


  1. All material required will be provided on the spot.
  2. No material should be bought from outside.
  3. Each team comprises of 2 members only.
  4. Marks will be deducted if Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is not followed.


  • Anjali Pandya- 9819723773
  • Ravi Gatte- 8482803474