Moot Court


The main aim of the event is to create awareness with respect to Patent laws, ethics, regulation policies, procedures, Pharmacy law and working of the FDA – one of the world’s most comprehensive and effective networks of public health and consumer protection. The moot ‘court’ should reflect, as far as possible, a courtroom scene in reality. Moot court does not involve actual testimony by witnesses, cross-examination, or the presentation of evidence, but is focused solely on the application of the law to a common set of evidentiary assumptions and facts to which the competitors must be introduced The moot is presided over by at least one judge who delivers a judgment at the end of the moot on the law and on the result of the moot itself. As many students will be aware, the legal profession is an increasingly difficult one to enter. Mooting may also help the students to build confidence in public speaking, general research, and presentation skills. In other words, mooting experience can benefit every student whether or not they plan to follow a traditional legal career path upon graduation.



  • This round will consist of opinion-based descriptive questions & MCQs.
  • Participation maybe solo or dual, depending on the participants.
  • This will be an elimination round.


  • Problem statement will be released immediately after Round I.
  • Teams/ Participants will be divided into two categories: In favour and against.
  • Participants will have to submit written argument submission. Based on these
    arguments, finalists will be announced.


  •  Final round – Case argument on a virtual platform.
  • This round will be held on the online platform in the presence of Judges.
    Candidates will have to present their argument in favour or against as selected in
    Round II.


  1. Participation individually or in a pair of 2 of any college and any year.
  2. Each and every Participant/s should be pursuing a course in a academic
  3. No participant should be part of more than 1 team.
  4. False identity may lead to disqualification.
  5. All the rounds will be online.
  6. In case of poor or unavailability of internet connection, please inform event heads as soon as possible.
  7. Please follow the time schedules meticulously.
  8. Late entries will not be accepted unless pre notified.
  9. Usage of unparliamentary language is strictly prohibited.


  • Avani Bhake (Event Head): +91 9324381714
  • Sukhen Shete (Event Head): +91 8087400874
  • Mayur Yerwal (OEH Pharma): +91 9499737470

For any other queries or information, mail to:- [email protected]