Gene Auction



Gene Auction is a game of auction of genes overcome given crises. You will require only basic knowledge of Biological Sciences. It is a game in which you have to apply logical skills. This event tests the knowledge and skills of the auction and basic biological sciences.



  Round 1

  • The following round will start with the selection of the teams through an offline test.
  • The quiz will contain general knowledge and basic questions related to genes and biology.
  • A total of 15 teams will be selected for the next round from the first round.
  • The test will contain 10 questions and the time for the test will be 15 minutes.
  • Use of google or any kind of external help will be considered an offence and the respective team will be disqualified.
  • Round 1 will be conducted offline in the conference hall or any classroom.
  • The selected team will be informed via mail or personal contact.

   Deadline for registration:


   Round 2 (Case Study)

  • This Round will consist of only 15 teams.
  • Every three teams will be allotted the same case study.
  • Case study selection will be done by a lucky draw system.
  • 25 minutes will be given for study.
  • Rapid fire round will be conducted for every 3 teams with the same case study.
  • From each case study, the best 2 teams will be selected for the next round.
  • Use of external help will be strictly prohibited.


    Round 3 (Gene Auction)

  • 10 teams will proceed to the final round.
  • Each team will be given 300 ATP initially.
  • An extra 50 ATP to the top 5 teams and 25 ATP to the remaining 5 Teams will be given.
  • Organisms will be allotted through a lucky draw system.
  • 10 minutes will be given to research allotted organisms.
  • After reading about the allotted organisms, the first set of genes will be displayed for 2 minutes. This will be done for all the sets of gene
  • Then after the auction is done, the crisis will be given, through a statement and then the answer round, the first person with the right answer will be given +4ATP & -2ATP for the wrong answer
  • Then after the answer round is over the auction will be started for the required gene among the team itself the least price for the gene will be the price by which the team has bought the gene.
  • More details will be given to the teams by the gene auction team in offline mode the day before the final round.
  • At last, 3 teams with the top 3 scores will win.


Here are the general rules and Protocols that need to be followed:

  1. TEAMS
  • You can make a team of two participants.
  • The Team members should be able to communicate effectively with each other as well as the event heads.
  • Other institute students can also participate in the event.
  • False identity will lead to disqualification.


Event heads

Manasi Raut – 8177884193

Mahesh Kurhe – 7499258684

Shubhada Gavade-8177824260

OEH – Revati Bhat – 7058834308

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