Have you ever thought about problems in industry related to cosmetics? Well, here is an opportunity for you to know the real-life problems faced by the industry day in and day out! Here, we introduce our very own event called Cosmecure which consists of problems given by the cosmetic industry. Cosmecure tests the idea of implementation and presentation skills of the participants.
This event requires an out-of-the-ordinary perspective to solve the problem. Do you have what it takes to win the event?


The Participants will be provided with an industry defined problem statement, Participants are requested to provide a solution in the form of an abstract.
The best abstracts will be selected for the next round.
The selected students will be called for a presentation of their solution to the problem given.


  1. In round 2, the selected teams will present their ideas in front of the judges.
  2. Before appearing for the presentation each team is requested to submit a hard copy which
    contains an in-depth description of the solution to the given problem.
  3. Each team will be given a time limit of 10 mins in which they will present their presentation and
    the next 5 mins will be Q/A session.


  • Shweta Kadam- 9920631854 / 9082294334
  • Vrushali Gaikwad- 8652725971