Are you interested in solving the real problem faced by the cosmetic
industry? Get going by participating in Cosmecure. Here, you’ll be judged on
how good your pharmaceutical skills are! Participate now and get a chance to
show your magic!
We welcome participants from all the colleges!
Two problem statements will be released after the registration. It will be
Industrial Defined Problem (IDP). You need to select any one statement
you want to work on and mention it clearly in the registration form. You
are not allowed to change your choice of problem statement once the
forms are submitted.

Please note – You cannot work on both the problem statements.




The first round will be conducted online. All the Undergraduates and Postgraduate students can participate. A team can maximum be of 3 participants only. The problem statements will be provided on the website. It will strictly be related to the cosmetic industry only.

Criteria for writing the abstract :

  • Font – Times New Roman
  • Size – 12
  • You’re allowed to submit the abstract of maximum THREE pages only.Abstracts should be submitted via email in the form of PDF only. Email Address: [email protected]
  • It is mandatory for you to mention your requirement of ingredients for the preparation of formulation so that we can provide you with the same in the final round.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and may lead to disqualification.
  • As your abstract will be the only key to the next round, prepare it uniquely.
  • The participants are advised to read the problem statement carefully, as the abstract will be graded for its relevance to the problem statement and thethought process.
  • The judges will review your abstracts, and the most relevant ones will qualify for the second round.
  • Selected participants will be informed via email.



The qualified participants will get to work in the prestigious labs at our

  • You are required to make and submit the product based on your choice of abstract and problem statement only.
  • Round 2 will be conducted OFFLINE on 6th February 2023 at Institute ofChemical Technology, Mumbai.
  • Finalists will be provided with ingredients to prepare the formulation.
  • Finalists must prepare and submit 10 ml/gms of the product only.
  • Finalists will be provided with 3 hours to work in the lab.
  • Ingredients and apparatus required will be provided.
  • Finalists must carry their lab coats, safety goggles, and hand gloves.
  • Finalists may lose marks if in case GLPs are not followed.
  • Lab decorum must strictly be maintained.
  • Finalists should ensure they use only the required amount of ingredients, excess usage can lead to immediate disqualification.
  •  Finalists are allowed to test and make the formulation ONCE only (within four hours).
  • Finalists will have to submit a detailed report for the proposed solution.
  • Judges will choose the most suitable and usable formulation for the winner’s title.
  • NOTE: The judging panel reserves the right to disqualify a team if any of the rules are breached.
  • The event heads reserve the right to change the rules of the event at any time and will do their best to update the participants.


  1. In round 2, the selected teams will present their ideas in front of the judges.
  2. Before appearing for the presentation each team is requested to submit a hard copy which
    contains an in-depth description of the solution to the given problem.
  3. Each team will be given a time limit of 10 mins in which they will present their presentation and
    the next 5 mins will be Q/A session.


You can contact the event heads anytime –

Abhinandan Chopada – 9075538800

Urvi Pawar – 7517619229

Overall event head(OEH)

Revati Bhat – 7058834308

Email Id – [email protected]

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