Analyze will test your analytical skills along with your pharma-knowledge. It will walk you through analytical reactions, procedure, observation and data interpretation dealing with pharmaceutical analysis. Set with three rounds of theoretical aspects including all your lab experiences. If you have fun working in your labs, we bet this event will be exciting as ever.


A total of 3 rounds would be kept in which students would be filtered based on their
analytical knowledge related to the pharmaceuticals.

Round 1:
● Quiz, crossword puzzles – general analytical knowledge
● Level of difficulty – easy to medium
● Number of questions – 10
● Maximum Marks – 20
● 20 minutes for each category (junior and senior).
2 min per question.
● Mode of test – Online Mode
● Teams would be shortlisted based on their final scores as well as the time taken by the
respective team to submit the answers.
● This will be an elimination round.
● An approx of 25-30 teams would be selected for round 2.

Round 2:
● Statement based questions related to graphs based on GC, HPLC.
Descriptive questions based on the analytical instruments used in laboratories.
● Number of questions – 2
Maximum Marks – 20
● 45 minutes for each category (junior and senior).
● Mode of the round – online
● Teams would be finalised based on the accuracy of their answers and their analytical
● This will be an elimination round.
● Candidates will have to prepare a report of the answers (pdf file) and submit it on the below
given email id.
● 5 teams would be finalised from each category (a total of 10 teams from both junior and
senior categories) based on the results and accuracy that would participate in the final
● Email id for the submission of the answers – [email protected]

Round 3:
● Lab based question where participants will have to perform the tests in the lab and find out
the results.
Lab tests like % yield, melting point, dry weight.
Questions would be sent to the respective teams via email and they have to reply to the
same email id.
Students will make a report of their work and those submitted reports would be corrected
by the judges and they would mark those reports accordingly.
● A total of 3 prizes would be decided by the judges based on the precision of the results,
inferences drawn from the experiment, and report presentation.
● Prerequisite: Lab coat, Beakers, Conical flask, burette, measuring cylinder, test tubes,
watch glass, weighing machine, stirrer, glass rod, water bath, condensers, papers, pens etc.


General rules to be followed:
1. Participation individually or in a pair of 2 of any college and falling in the same category.
2. Each and every Participant/s should be pursuing a course in an academic institution.
3. No participant should be part of more than 1 team.
4. A total of 3 rounds. Round 1 and 2 will be conducted in online mode. Round 3 offline
5. False identity may lead to disqualification. An ID card is mandatory, otherwise that
particular team would be disqualified (for round 3).
6. Please follow the time schedules meticulously. Reach the venue well in advance (at
least 15 min prior to the round) (for round 3).
7. No additional tie breaker round would be conducted, only time taken will be considered
if required.
8. Late entries will not be accepted unless pre notified.
9. Usage of unparliamentary language is strictly prohibited.
10. In case of poor or unavailability of internet connection, please inform event heads as
soon as possible (for round 1 & 2).


Event Heads:
Payal Nikam (8698202545)
Shinali Raina (60069 38577)
Revati Bhat(OEH) (7058834308)

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