The Pharma series of events is the category of Vortex events which are based on key areas of Pharmacy such as Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical laws and regulations and also drugstore management. Showing tremendous growth since its inception, Gharda Chemicals’ Vortex 8.0 is the home of some of the largest student organised pharmacy based competitions in India. These serve to provide a platform for young pharmacists to display their skills in a highly competitive atmosphere. The Pharma series of events comprises of Quizocopoeia, Moot Court, and also, our newest introductions to the series: Analyze, Blueprint and Social Defined Problem (Pharma).



Analyze will test your analytical skills along with your pharma-knowledge. If you have fun working in your labs we bet this event will be exciting as ever.
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Be ready to test out your pharma knowledge in an exciting event which keeps getting difficult by each round. So put your thinking caps on as exciting prize money awaits you.
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Blueprint will test participants on their entrepreneurial skills. Participants will design a floor plan for a manufacturing units which should comply with all the legal and environmental parameters based in the real or hypothetical problem statement
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Moot Court

The main aim of the event is to create awareness with respect to Patent laws, ethics, regulation policies, procedures, Pharmacy law and working of the FDA – one of the world’s most comprehensive and effective networks of public health and
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SDP (Pharma)

As a part of the society, we are responsible for our contribution back to the society. SDP Pharma in collaboration with NGOs and social scientists provides a platform for young minds to provide innovative solutions for the age long health problems
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