Do you have it in you to solve real-world problems faced by the industry? Get to know by participating in Junior IDP.

Vortex 8.0 brings to you a poignant, innovative and brainstorming event…. The Jr.IDP!!!

Specially designed for the young aspiring minds of First and Second year. This event will present you with the industry-based problems of today’s world. You have to give a solution for the same using your knowledge and skill…. More the practical, economical and creative your , is, more is the chance of winning this competition! So, get going guys.


Round 1: Abstract Submission

The participants are requested to submit the abstract for the problem statement which will briefly discuss the solution to the problem along with answers to the questions asked. As your abstract will be the only key for going into the next round prepare it in the best possible manner highlighting the uniqueness of your solution. The abstracts will be graded for their innovation, thought process and relevance to the problem statement. Hence the participants are advised to read the problem statement carefully.

Round 2: Presentation and Report

The selected groups of round 1 will have to prepare a detailed report including calculations leading to their answer and give a presentation on the same in front of judges. The date and time of the event shall be communicated at least 1 week prior to the event by mail or through contact numbers. Top 2 groups selected in each stream by the judges will be awarded a merit certificate and prize money during the prize distribution ceremony.

The format of the mail should be as follows:

  1. The subject of the mail should include the problem statement and the JR IDP TEAM ID given after event registration on the VORTEX 2021 website. The format for the subject of mail is Jr. IDP_PROBLEM STATEMENT DESIGNATION_TEAM ID. For e.g. The subject of mail for the problem statement for the first year (general) should be Jr. IDP_FYG_JID1005, that for second-year pharma stream should be Jr. IDP_SYP_JID1005, and so on. Use the same format for the file name to be attached.
  2. The abstract should not exceed 1 page.  The font is Times New Roman, size 12.
  3. Deadline for Abstract Submission for both FYs and SYs will be announced.

Problem Statements released at: https://www.vortexictmumbai.org/news-and-updates/


  1. A team of maximum 3 people is allowed. Participants within a team need not be of the same college.
  2. Unlike Jr. IDP General, Jr. IDP Pharma can have mixed teams from First- and Second-Year students.
  3. Only 1st and 2nd-year undergraduate students of all branches allowed to participate.
  4. Under all circumstances, the decision of the judges and the event heads will be final and binding on all the participants. Any problems may be addressed to the event heads who will do their level best to solve them.
  5. References and accurate data are necessary and a must.
  6. The presentation should not exceed a duration of 10 minutes. References must be in accordance with any recognized formats followed by international journals.
  7. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and if it is found then that respective team will be immediately disqualified.

Note: Teams clearing the first round will get certificates.


  • Aniruddha Pinjari: +919892023529
  • Abhishek Avhad (OEH Prodigy): +918483056132

For any other queries or information, mail to:- [email protected]