Do you think you have what it takes to run a successful business? Do you have a product or a business idea or new venture in mind but no means to showcase it? Well then, here’s your chance!!

UpBiz is the perfect platform for you to test your entrepreneurship and business management skills. You get to learn how to invest money and manage your finances. This is your opportunity to get mentored by the professionals- who have been there and done that and to have these expert industrialists give direction to your visions. You also have a chance to win exciting prizes.

So what are you waiting for? Give wings to your ideas and fly your way to success!!!


Round 1: Selection ( Expected  no of  Participants   12-15 Teams)

  • Participants will pitch their business idea in front of a panel using a power point presentation.
  • Presentation must contain information about cost estimations, marketing strategy, target customers and the positive-negative impacts.
  • Parameters for judging include idea originality, feasibility, scalability, presentation skills and marketing strategy.


Round 2: Filtration  ( Expected  no of  Participants   7-8 Teams)

  • Participants will play a ‘Stock Market stimulation ‘ game / Virtual Trading game.
  • A virtual currency will be used throughout the game.
  • In the given time, the teams will have to invest a  given amount in different shares/mutual funds or fixed deposits.
  • The profit gained at the end of this round will determine their scores and qualification to the next round.


Round 3: Finale ( Expected  no of  Participants   5 Teams)

The final round will be divided into 2 sub-rounds:-

1st sub-round:

  • Participants will pitch their idea with the help of a power point presentation in front of the panel of judges.
  • It will be followed by an interactive panel discussion and Q&A session with the judges.
  • The participants will be evaluated based on their pitching skills and how they interact the panel.

2nd sub round:

  • This will be a buzzer round.
  • General business and investment related questions will be asked.

The participants will be judged based on their speed and accuracy.




  • Each team should consist of 2 members.
  • The time frame for each round will be strictly followed.
  • Use of foul or inappropriate language, content or reference is strictly not permitted and will lead to disqualification.
  • Late submissions will not be entertained.
  • The decision taken by the organizers will be final and binding for all.


Round 1-

  • The participants will have to pitch their ideas in 5 minutes.
  • Any extension in time can lead to reduction in points.
  • The time slots given to every team should be strictly followed.
  • Both the team members must be present during the presentation.
  • Only one or both the members can pitch their idea. The choice is upto the participants.


Round 2-

  • Each team has to complete the game and cannot leave the game half way.
  • Total time to complete the whole round is 1 hour.
  • Participants will have to install the application [link for which will be provided before round 2) and login.
  • Each team will be provided with the virtual starting amount for buying shares.
  • Participants will be given the instructions and guidelines of the game prior to Round 2.
  • Organizers will be there in case of any queries, just call to them and they will respond to you at the earliest.


Round 3:

  • Each team will be given 5 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for the panel discussion and Q&A session.
  • The time slots given to every team should be strictly followed.
  • For the buzzer round, the team which presses the buzzer quickest will be the first to answer.
  • The buzzer round will last for 15 minutes.
  •  The decision of the judges and organizers will be final.


For any queries contact:

Event heads:-

Nirmit Shah -7972489898

Sanjana Pillai -9220964574

OEH Neomi Jerry – 8692951611

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