Ultimate Detectives


The thrill of solving crimes and murder mysteries, and the adrenaline rush of a treasure hunt, this is what we promise to deliver. It’s that time of year again when you put on your thinking caps and showcase your talent along with your teams to put your inner detectives to the ultimate test.

It’s the fifth instalment of the ultimate detective and the stakes are higher than ever before. Get ready to step into a world of mystery, where nothing is as it seems, and everything has a deeper meaning. You don’t require any prerequisite knowledge of any field of CSI for taking part. All you need is a razor-sharp mind, deductive reasoning skills and an ability to see beyond the obvious.

Participate in teams of 3, register along with your teams during the first round and keep in mind that you will have to retain the same team for all 3 rounds.



Round 1 Story:-

Yet another failed attempt mumbled Aryan Gupta as he shoved the notebook in his bag.

The frustration in his voice was clear and it seems only natural that after finally getting the prize money from the Sr.IDP competition to work on his nano-fertilizer idea he had no progress, he now clearly saw why even with all the bucks and brains behind it no one had yet made a major breakthrough, it was just too hard.

He spots a crumpled newspaper on the floor as he exits the Specialty chemicals lab, cussing on how people threw stuff even inside such a hi-tech lab, as he picked it up, he observed there was some white crystalline powder in it. His researcher gene stimulated, he decided to go back in and run some chemical tests on it. He thought that this must be some sort of OCD and someday his curiosity might actually get him into serious trouble.

As he ran the tests he realized that this is some sort of an explosive, one he could guess was some nitrate explosive, but he had never heard of it being made in such pure and concentrated form.

A chill ran down his spine, there was something very terrible going on at the lab.


  • Solve the clues & CSI to make a theory.

Format of Round 1

1. This round will be held from 23rd to 27th of Feb.

2. Everyday 1 clue will be released at 3 PM and you will have 24 hrs to solve it, so 5 clues in total in this round.

3. The answer will be either a sentence ,a word or multiple words, and the team leader will only fill the answer in the google form (which we’ll be sending along with the clue).

4. A hint will also be given at 9 AM everyday for the clue.

5. Points will be given based on how quick you give the response and how accurate it is. If you submit the answer after the hint is released points will be reduced.

6. You will not be allowed to change the response after submission.


Round 2 Story:-

After following Samir, Aryan returned to the College and told everything to his mentor Prof. Tyagi.

They immediately went to the VC and reported everything; he called up one of his acquaintances in Mumbai police and finally, after a few transfers, was connected to the Anti-Terrorist Cell.

Detective Srikant told all three of them to stay in the office and not tell anyone else anything. He would be reaching  the College in an hour.

A tall man entered the VC office; he seemed to be in his mid-30s, a young man and woman followed behind him. He introduced himself as Srikant and said he worked for the Anti-terrorist division in RAW. He introduced the other two as Bhargava and Aziz.

He asked permission to set up some laptops in the office, and the VC immediately agreed. The other two quickly set up some laptops, screens and a small dish.

“I have looked over all the info you sent me, and young man, I thank you for your brilliance. What I am about to tell the three of you is top secret and only a handful of others outside this room know about this including RAW. Any leakage will be considered treason against our country.

We have had some Intel that something was going down in Mumbai. There have been whispers of some chemicals brought in the city; military-grade detonators and transmitters have gone missing from the factories and some army units.

What we have until now is that Samir was processing the crystals in the college lab. This is a new type of tech that is not yet known to the world. I am sure you could already guess its capabilities. Just 5kg of it is sufficient to blast several small buildings / a market place/a bridge, and it goes on.”
“Sir, we have gathered some data of the people he met today; this is the best we could do without arousing any suspicion” – Bhargava “Why don’t you just catch them?”- Prof. Tyagi asked.

“It could alert the brains of the operation; all the rest are sleeper cells, including Samir; they have limited information, our main objective is to catch the head; we don’t even know how many bombs and Samirs are there.


  • Unravel the Web, Complete the hunt

Format of Round 2:
The City of Dreams, Mumbai, is now in danger. You are Detective Srikant, the bombs will go off at 10:30 PM, and it is now 7 PM; from the info that Aryan and the field agents have been able to gather in the short time, you have to deduce the location of the Head of operation. You are given 5 guesses, as it takes time to reach the place and search it,
especially without arousing suspicion.
For each guess, you will get new info about what you find there. You may find a lead to the head’s location or the head himself. You may find a bomb or maybe nothing at all. So choose wisely as you have only 5 chances.
The Data gathered by the agents will be sent as a PDF file.


  • Online session, Complete the treasure hunt and solve the CSI part


Video for Clues Click Here.

Further part of story will be uploaded as UD Rounds will happen.


  1. A team will consist of 3 members only. Team members cannot be changed after
    registration of the team.
  2. UID number is compulsory for selection of round 2.
  3. No prior knowledge of CSI is required to participate in the event.
  4. In case of confusion regarding multiple answers to the same clue, the closest/most popular answer would most probably be the right answer.
  5. The overall score consists of solving of treasure hunt and accurate solving of CSI part within a specified time limit.
  6. No. of teams that will progress to the next round will be decided by the Event Heads.
  7. Any Case of malpractice found at the time of event by any team would lead to direct elimination of the team.
  8. Vortex organizers are not responsible for any damage to personal property or accidents.
  9. The decision of Vortex Organizers is final in case of any dispute.
  10. Failure to comply with any of the above rules shall result in disqualification from the event.


  • Aditya Agarwal (Event Head): +91 7898754070
  • Akshat Jain (Event Head): +91 8770442685
  • Vedanti Meshram (Overall Event Head): +91 8959905210

For any other queries or information, mail to:- [email protected]