Ultimate Detectives


Come on secret agents, let’s waste no time!! Here we come with the 7th season of mysteries for you.

The thrill of solving crimes, murder mysteries and the adrenaline rush of a treasure hunt. Put the puzzle pieces together and find out what it says!! A spy game with some mystery and code cracking activities that will make you super excited. Gather your fellow agents on this mission. You have been called for a special assignment/project, after which you will be rewarded exciting prizes.

Unravel the mystery, find the vital clue, solve the puzzle, and enter into a realistic game!! Interestingly, you don’t require any prerequisite knowledge of any field for taking part as clues will be provided! Soo, worry not…all you’ll need is a great team, attention to minute details, analytical mind, good critical thinking, problem solving and most importantly PATIENCE!! Gear up and put on your detective goggles to dive in the ocean of mysteries. Let the hunt begin then!

NOTE: Participate in teams of 3, register along with your teams during the first round and keep in mind that you will have to retain the same team for all 3 rounds.


Solve the clues.

Area of Hunt: Matunga, Sion, Dadar, Wadala.
Rules will be specified by Event Heads before starting of Round 1.

Solve the mystery hidden here and buckle up for the next.

Area of Hunt: Matunga, Sion, Dadar, Wadala.
Rules will be specified by Event Heads before starting of Round 2.

Complete the final hunt

Area of Hunt: Mumbai.
Rules will be specified by Event Heads before Round 3


General Rules (for all rounds)
● A team will consist of 3 members only. Team members cannot be changed after registration of the team.
● UID number is compulsory for participation.
● Use of vehicles/personal transport is allowed in Round 1 & Round 2.
● No prior knowledge of CSI is required to participate in the event.
● Tasks at a particular spot should be completed without any fuss.
● In case of confusion regarding multiple answers to the same clue, the closest/most popular spot would most probably be the right spot.
● The overall score shall consist of race timings and accurate solving of clues.
● No. of teams that will progress to the next rounds will be decided by the Event Heads.
● Follow safety rules while running.
● Any Case of malpractice found at the time of event by any team would lead to direct elimination of the team.
● No bullying of volunteers or coordinators will be tolerated.
● Organizers are not responsible for any damage to personal property or accidents.
● The decision of the Organizers is final in case of any dispute.
● Failure to comply with any of the above rules shall result in disqualification from the event.


Contact for queries and complaints

Aryan Mehta (Event Head)- 9892211481
Priyanshu Kansara (Event Head)- 9168556660
Utkarsh Patil (Event Head)- 8380068395

Neomi Jerry (Overall Event Head)- 8692951611

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