Ultimate Detectives


The thrill of solving crimes and murder mysteries, and the adrenaline rush of a treasure hunt, this is what we promise to deliver. It’s that time of year again when you put on your thinking caps and showcase your talent along with your teams to put your inner detectives to the ultimate test.

It’s the fourth instalment of the ultimate detective and the stakes are higher than ever before. A psychotic criminal is on the loose and it’s up to you to stop him. Get ready to step into a world of mystery, where nothing is as it seems, and everything has a deeper meaning. You don’t require any prerequisite knowledge of any field of CSI for taking part. All you need is a razor-sharp mind, deductive reasoning skills and an ability to see beyond the obvious.

Participate in teams of 3, register along with your teams during the first round and keep in mind that you will have to retain the same team for all 3 rounds.



  • Complete the treasure hunt and solve the CSI part.
  • Clues via WhatsApp, released in a staggered manner; one day one clue.
  • Time Limit: 24 hrs/clue


Online Interactive session. Complete the treasure hunt and solve the CSI part.


The station house officer (SHO) Shekhar Gupta had called up a group of
detectives to look out for a missing criminal Vijay that was to be hanged the
next morning. On enquiring the residents, it was found that the missing
criminal must have escaped the prison during common dinner time when all
the inmates come together, where no one saw him. The SHO later shows the
CCTV footage of the prison of which the camera of the exit had malfunctioned
during his escape. But another camera in front of the SHO office reveals that
Vijay had entered SHO’s cabin where he searched through the files and got his
hand on his death warrant. While exiting the room, he also took away with him
a t-baton. You look inside the cell to find traces of his escape where you find a
crumbled paper. You open it up to discover that being a prescription. You
(Detectives) ask the SHO for the case file of the missing criminal to understand
more facts about him which the SHO promptly submits. It reveals that the
criminal was sentenced to death penalty on account of two murders. And since
the day he was admitted into the prison, his mental health had deteriorated.
Since he was serial killer it was made sure that he could get all the medical care
right in the station under the supervision of the local guards to prevent his
release under the pretext of health conditions. Since the camera at the
entrance of the jail had malfunctioned, SHO sent a patrolling team to look out
for the prisoner. In the meanwhile, you interrogate the other inmates along
with the SHO with an intention of finding some traces to his look outs. SHO
guides you to the cell where he was locked up and meets his cell guard. The
cell mate reveals that the criminal had been acting up absurd for the past
couple of weeks and the doctor used to visit him every 3-4 days to check on
him. He was blabbering about some weird numbers, rest everything was
Dr. Yogesh Mathur was appointed as the medical in-charge of Vijay. To know
further about his medical conditions, he is called in. On his arrival, he realises
that Vijay has fled and is completely shaken. The doctor is terrorized by his
escape since he was quite dangerous. He reveals that he was a patient of
schizotypal personality disorder wherein he believed his imaginations to be the
reality, for which he was treated with anti-psychotic drug. Administration of
the drug would calm him down making him docile and easy enough to handle.
You see a scar on doctor’s hand and question him about the same and its
revealed that the criminal attacked him with the injection while he was
administering the medication. The doctor also revealed that since the last dose
was administered the very same morning, the fugitive wouldn’t have run away
far enough. So, you along with SHO search in the residences closest to the
prison. You don’t find any clue outdoors so you search for the fugitive within
the prison premises.
After searching the entire prison, you venture into the last building that was a
mortuary. You don’t find him there as well. While returning back to SHO’s
cabin you see a shadow of a man sitting next to the wall of the mortuary under
a tree. On nearing him, you recognize him to be the fugitive. You call out his
name but he doesn’t respond to it. On further closing in to the tree you find
him to be lying unconscious. You take him in and call in the doctor. The doctor
tries to revive the patient but he dies instantly.


Name: Vijay Shrivastav
Date of capture: 10th Feb 2021
Crime: Murders
Murder Weapon: Knife
Officer Incharge: Sub-Inspector Sangram Singh
Date of Execution: 1st March 2021
Victims: Mr. Ramesh Sahni, Mrs. Sonia Sahni
Vijay Shrivastav murdered Mr and Mrs. Sahni on 9th Feb 2021 at 10 pm at the outskirts of the city. Locals nearby found a man running away and called up the police. Vijay was found the next morning in his hideout in an old warehouse along with the murder weapon. On closer inspection by the doctor he was found to be mentally unstable. Was charged with case of two murders. Two prevent his escape from the legal provisions for the mentally unstable. Doctor Mathur was called in to treat him for his condition and keep him docile.


Complete the treasure hunt and solve the CSI part.


On a thorough investigation of Vijay’s clothes 2 chits are found; one of the death warrant and other of some weird code numbers with a sign underneath. You have decoded the strange characters. It has a list of seven names . On closer inspection you realise that a name is formed of those seven names which turns out to be ‘SANGRAM’. The piece of paper has a sign at the lower right corner. You send the body for autopsy.

On further inspection of the names with the local records, it was noticed that all the 7 names were that of the criminals who were put in the very same jail. All had been accused for a murder and were put through capital punishment. And the sign was found to be that of the mortician Rakesh.

On reaching the mortuary you realise that the seven bodies were transported in and out of the building which wasn’t possible without the information of Rakesh.

You intercept Sub-Inspector Sangram Singh and try to understand the link with the seven criminals. Your team has found that his brother has an import export business which had started to flourish recently. And Sangram Singh had specifically asked for the easy… hassle free passage of cargo shipments by customs duty under the pretext of national security.

By then the autopsy report comes which reveals the reason of death to be toxicity from anti-psychotic drugs.

Dr. Yogesh Mathur-

Dr. Mathur was specifically called in on the day Vijay was caught. He was treating Vijay for the past 2 weeks. Anti-psychotic drugs found in the prescription were mentioned by him to Vijay.

On the personal front, Dr. Mathur didn’t have a great practice. Few years ago he was charged for the administration of wrong drug to a patient leading to serious side-effects. Luckily his license wasn’t scrapped yet the incidence dented his career. He tried his luck with other businesses and different health centres but couldn’t earn enough off it. He had joined the police department an year ago to treat patients like Vijay. Still he would struggle to make ends meet. He was a guy who believed that money can be made overnight and aspired to be an ideal candidate for a person title from rags to riches.


Rakesh was a mortician working in the facility for the past 10 years. He was a straight guy who minded his own business. But for the last one year he was acting strange. He was hideous of something and always complained about his fear of losing his family. He had started leaving early to his home from duty. Sometimes he was called in late at night. He was plagued by his greatest fear for unknown reasons.

Sangram Singh-

Sub-Inspector Sangram Singh was the decorated officer of his police station. He had a great track record. A case assigned to him was bound to be cracked. He was especially assigned murder cases where the culprit was shrewd and dangerous.
Recently his fortunes went up. His brother’s import-export business had gained a great momentum. Sangram had started using his authoritarian powers to clear the goods without the inspection by custom officers. These goods were thought to be illegal yet any doubts were then and there put down. He was spotted by the locals frequenting a nearby dilapidated building recently at night.

Any special rules will be specified by Event Heads before the rounds.


  1. A team will consist of 3 members only. Team members cannot be changed after
    registration of the team.
  2. UID number is compulsory for selection of round 2.
  3. No prior knowledge of CSI is required to participate in the event.
  4. In case of confusion regarding multiple answers to the same clue, the closest/most popular answer would most probably be the right answer.
  5. The overall score shall consist of solving of treasure hunt and accurate solving of CSI part within a specified time limit.
  6. No. of teams that will progress to the next rounds will be decided by the Event Heads.
  7. Any case of any malpractice found at the time of event by any team would lead to direct elimination of the team.
  8. Vortex organizers are not responsible for any damage to personal property or accidents.
  9. The decision of Vortex Organizers is final in case of any dispute.
  10. Failure to comply with any of the above rules shall result in disqualification from the event.


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