The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint


The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint, in association with ICT’s E-Cell, provides young and spirited entrepreneurs with a platform to exchange ideas and channelise it into reality, build networks and usher your dreams.

Pitch your idea to the panel and get a chance to win exciting prizes. Also get a chance to hear the success stories from the successful entrepreneurs themselves! This VORTEX 2k19 let the entrepreneur in you come to life. Give wings to your ideas to soar high!


  1. The participants will send their ideas in the form of executive summaries.
  2. Depending on the ideas the participants will be shortlisted.
  3. The teams selected in the first round will have to prepare a power point presentation which would include the business plan containing the cost estimations, timeline, resources and challenges, target customers, marketing strategies, positive as well as the negative impacts.
  4. On the final day, the participants will present before the judges, after which there will be panel discussions and interaction with the judges based on which the participants will be evaluated.


  1. The participants can participate in teams of three people maximum.
  2. The teams selected for the last round must include all the factors listed in the format in their presentation.
  3. The PowerPoint presentation must be submitted 24 hours before the event.
  4. The participants will have to pitch their ideas to the judges in 10 minutes. Any extension in that will lead to the reduction of points.
  5. The presentation may timeline by Q/A session or discussion based on the presentation.

You can. You should. And if you start, you will!!

Think big, start small!


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