Phineas and Ferb Backyard


Phineas and Ferb Backyard, much like the cartoon series itself, a fun-filled event of VORTEX which stimulates practical thinking with a logical and creative approach; something that we don’t learn as a part of our curriculum.

Participants are expected to make an object which meets the requirements of the problem statement declared at the start of the event using the materials provided within the specified time.

This model-making exercise requires both sides of your brain to function. The perfect ambience is provided to boost your performance.

So, this October, think out-of-the-box and prove your mettle to the world.

No preparation required; just come, participate and gain the experience of a lifetime. See your ideas come to life!

Happy Thinking!!!


The models prepared by the participants according to the given problem statement will be judged according to the judging criteria which have been decided by the judges.


  1. No material other than that provided during the event shall be used to prepare the model; the use of any external material will result in direct elimination/ disqualification.
  2. Participate in teams of 3-4.
  3. Additional rules declared at the start of the event will have to be strictly adhered to.
  4. The decision of the judge will be final and binding.


  • Sharda Bhawar- 9561638408