Ignite is a worldwide network of events with the tagline ‘ENLIGHTEN US BUT MAKE IT QUICK’. There’s nothing like seeing a speaker captivate the audience with the magic of words. Ignite provides a platform for people to move their passions forward. Ever since its inception in 2006, Ignite has spread like fire around the world. It is a way to cross cultural barriers and bring in ideas from all around, and ICT being a college which provides opportunities for people to showcase their talents, sets a perfect platform for Ignite. It’s simple; you just have to make a PPT and Present in front of spectators. But the twist is: you must make it quick as you only 5 minutes to enlighten the spectators! So, if you think you can IGNITE us with your IDEA, then be ready for the Most Exciting and High Voltage Event of Vortex 2k19, IGNITE.


Participants are required to make a presentation on ANY topic they can think of; it could be humorous, political, technical, and/or historical or on matters related to society. The Presentation will be of 5 minutes and will have to be made on the template provided by the coordinators.


Participants are to send their presentations and a 1-Minute video as to what their topic is and why they’ve chosen it, on the email address given.


Selected participants will be called for an open round, where they will present in front of the coordinators.


10-11 participants will go to the Final round, where participants will perform/present in front of the Spectators.


  1. The presentation should not exceed 5 minutes. The presentation should have 20 slides, each lasting 15 seconds.
  2. The presentation could be on ANY topic. However, it should not be NSFW.
  3. Use of foul and NSFW language, content or references is strictly not permitted and will lead to disqualification.
  4. Participants will have the freedom of using any feature of MS PowerPoint. However, the participants must make the presentation using the template provided by coordinators.


  • Sai Nehete- 9619612584
  • Yukti Bharde- 9922437027

For any other queries or information, mail to:- ignitevortex2019@gmail.com