Corporate Tycoon


Do you have what it takes to make it in the gruelling world of business?

When the pressure is on, will you cave or will you thrive?

Through the amalgamation of two of our biggest general events Management Maestro and Opening Bell Vortex 2k19 brings to you ‘Corporate Tycoon’!

An event that will judge whether you have a skillset geared for the market and an aptitude for management.

Do you like being in charge? Are you quick on your feet? Do you know when to raise the stakes and when to pull out? If the answer to any of these questions is a “yes”, then this event is just for you.


Participants have to appear for a short written test which would have a case study and a few MCQs. Immediately after this test, they will play the Opening Bell game.

Group Discussion or Open interview round. Participants shall face the judges as well as their fellow participants who shall test their knowledge and persuasion skills.

Using the money earned in Round 1, participants take part in an exciting auction to come upwith a business,then convince the judges on the same while evaluating your ROI.


Participate in teams of two


  • Salil Narvekar- 9969524579
  • Apoorva Srivastava- 7710004756
  • Riddhesh Kumtakar- 9619556661

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