Gharda Chemicals’ Vortex 9.0 brings to you fun-filled “General” series of events which appeal to anyone and everyone. We have a pool of exciting events which will test your management skills, entrepreneurship skills, devising advertising strategies, solving crime mysteries on the go, and much more. These events will invoke the manager, entrepreneur and the stockbroker in you and improve your communication, management and presentation skills and the ability to think on your own. Get ready to have some real fun in this non-technical creative series of events and win lots of exciting prizes!


AD Mad

AD MAD is a platform for students to showcase their creativity in marketing products and services. Its objective is to acquaint the students about promotional strategies in marketing through advertisements. It comprises of humorous and conceptual ad
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Ignite is a worldwide network of events with the tagline ‘ENLIGHTEN US BUT MAKE IT QUICK’. There’s nothing like seeing a speaker captivate the audience with the magic of words. Ignite provides a platform for people to move their passions
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The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint

“An entrepreneur tends to bite off a little more than he can chew hoping he'll quickly learn how to chew it.” - Roy Ash The Entrepreneurs Blueprint is an opportunity brought to a whizz-kid to discover the Entrepreneurial knack hidden
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Corporate Tycoon

Do you have what it takes to make it in the gruelling world of business? When the pressure is on, will you cave or will you thrive? Through the amalgamation of two of our biggest general events Management Maestro and Opening Bell Vortex 8.0
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Ultimate Detectives

The thrill of solving crimes and murder mysteries, and the adrenaline rush of a treasure hunt, this is what we promise to deliver. It’s that time of year again when you put on your thinking caps and showcase your talent along with your teams to
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SDP (General)

Do you want to solve the real-life problems faced by people and want to make an effective contribution in the betterment of the society? Our event – Social Defined Problems can give you this opportunity. SDP helps NGOs across the country by
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