Vortex ICT 2019

Vortex is India’s largest ChemFest combining a wide array of fields such as Chemical Engineering, Polymers and Coatings, Dyes, Oils, Foods, Pharmacy, and PharmaTechnology, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences, Business, Management, and fun general events. Vortex is unique in its scope and ideas.

Considering the stalwarts and leaders from industry and academia, representatives of industries and the brightest students from across a plethora of disciplines, Vortex expects a footfall of 7000 people.

Previous Year's Theme: PRITHWEE

In the past three years, Vortex themes have been centred on ‘hot’ topics. With quality jugaad in Frugal Innovention, a call for applications towards sustainability in SiSTEM and promoting industrial automation in Quadrigy, Vortex 6.0 brings you its theme – PRITHWEE.

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Our Events

Knowledge without application is futile In order to put your technical knowledge to test, Vortex 2k19 brings to you the Prodigy series of events. Put on your thinking caps and get ready for some real brainstorming, explore your creative abilities by participating in a plethora of innovative events. We have a series of Events lined up for you encompassing all principles like engineering/chemistry,...
The Pharma series of events is the category of Vortex events which are based on key areas of Pharmacy such as Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical laws and regulations and also drugstore management. Showing tremendous growth since its inception, Vortex is the home of some of the largest student organised pharmacy based competitions in India. These serve to provide a platform for young...
Vortex 2k19 brings to you fun-filled “General” series of events which appeal to anyone and everyone. We have a pool of exciting events which will test your management skills, entrepreneurship skills, devising advertising strategies, solving crime mysteries on the go, and much more. These events will invoke the manager, entrepreneur and the stockbroker in you and improve your communication,...

Sponsors 2018

Gharda Chemicals
Alkyl Amines
Maharashtra Times
Chemical Weekly
Royal Society of Chemistry