The Masterclass – a technical guest lecture series is the principal event in the Vortex-the ChemFest. In the Masterclass series, we bring extraordinary personalities to enlighten the crowd with their extensive knowledge, skills and experiences in their fields. This provides an opportunity for the participants to interact with the speakers, exchange thoughts, learn, improve, stretch and implement new innovative ideas in science, research and technology. Prof. J. B. Joshi, Prof. Varun Sahani, Ms Sharon Memis, Prof. Michael Dickey are some of the distinguished former speakers in the Masterclass.

Masterclass 2017 has taken this event to a whole new level. We had speakers from diverse backgrounds like the industry, entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers and investors. Masterclass 2017 started with an absolutely captivating talk by Mr Narendra Shenoy on small-scale manufacturing units, opportunities and challenges therein. We also had the privilege to host our very own Prof. A. B. Pandit. Vortex 2017 also laid the foundation for an informal lecture series `Rendezvous`. Rendezvous was graced with the presence of Prof. Arnab Bhattacharya, the pioneer of Chai and Why, and the renowned author of books like Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Rashmi Bansal.